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Karen Constantine

Writer : Memoirist : Columnist

A photo of Karen Constantine

Hello, I’m Karen.

A little about me…

We all like to know a little about each other don’t we?

I’ve always loved reading and writing, and back in 2015 I turned into self-styled self-taught journalist, as I endeavoured to become a local councillor in my adopted home town of Ramsgate Kent. There was a great deal to do here including fighting off Nigel Farage…and holding the Conservatives to account. The result of my efforts secured me a seat at Kent County Council for the past seven years, I set up a website, write a regular political column, and also appear frequently on TV and the radio.

After politics, a new career.

I became passionate about communicating with people, building pictures with words, describing complex circumstances simply, and using writing to make connections. Over the years I built my confidence and eventually I thought I’d try a creative writing course. Something I’d always wanted to do but put off.

My desire led me to an application to undertake an MFA in creative writing at Birkbeck University London with Toby Litt and Julia Bell. I was amazed and thrilled to be accepted, and even more amazed when my 40,000 word dissertation earned a distinction.

Now at sixty plus I’m trying to forge a new career and life in writing. Because I love it! I think it’s fair to say writing has changed my life.

A picture of Karen Constantine and Toby Litt in graduation outfits.
Receiving my MFA and saying thank you to the amazing Toby Litt, author and teacher extraordinaire.

mock ups of 2 paperbacks

Books in the pipeline

In 2024 I hope to publish both Rattlechops and Kept Unkept Surrendered.

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